My Ecce Homo book...

Numbering and dating my new book at Die Keure. Getting it ready for the presentation! 

Limited edition of 200 copies, published by Hannibal.

14 works inspired on Ecce Homo.

The presentation will be held on sunday 26 nov. at Het Maagdenhuis in Antwerp.

Interview with me by Eric Rinckhout (Dutch).

Limited seats! 

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My second book in collaboration with Hannibal Publishing. This limited and signed edition is published on a quantity of 200 copies in conjunction of the exhibition Ecco Homo, Behold the man. Organised by Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Antwerp; curated by Yasmine Geukens, Marie-Paule De Vil, Marion de Cannière and Eric Rinckhout.
17th of November 2017 – 25th of February 2018


Ecce Homo website...

Check out the website of the upcoming Ecce Homo exhibition in Antwerp later this year.

Click here! She's still in mint condition.


"Learning to Die in the Anthropocene", 30.V.2017, 2846AD  ©Gideon Kiefer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

"Learning to Die in the Anthropocene", 30.V.2017, 2846AD  ©Gideon Kiefer